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On January 14th, 2013 the classification of licence levels changed.  Now an RE Class licence covers motorbikes up to 660cc and a R (Open) Class licence is from 661cc and over.  There is a LAMS approved list of all motorcycles that needs to be checked to make sure your bike is approved as there are some exceptions.

To go with these changes Alex now has a 125cc Honda for the RE Class (this is a very good learners bike and easy to manoeuvre) and a 865cc Triumph Bonneville T100 for the Open Class (a classic beauty and Alex's dream bike!).

 Motorbike Theory Questions30 Jun 2013
 Ride Safe Handbook30 Jun 2013 4.81Mb
 Drive Safe Handbook30 Jun 2013 5.33Mb
 Good Gear Guide for Motorcycle & Scooter Riders30 Jun 2013 2.77Mb
 Hazard Perception Test Booklet30 Jun 2013 0.33Mb
 How To Pass Your Driving Assessment30 Jun 2013 0.33Mb
 LAMS - Approved motorcycles for R-E class29 Apr 2013 0.33Mb

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