Ride and Drive Motorcycle Training, Albany, Western Australia. Motorbike lessons, driver training

So hopefully this is your next and final step to be part of a growing group of very happy and excited motorcycle or scooter riders that Alex has been fortunate enough to teach through Chap's Easy Rider Motorcycle School.

We have all the gear you need to learn. We also have motorbikes that you can use if you do not have your own, including a 125cc Honda for your initial RE licence and a Triumph Bonneville T100 for your open R Class licence.  Alex is also experienced in teaching scooter riders and we have a scooter available for your lessons.  If you have your own bike or scooter then Alex will come to you. So, all you need is your learners permit from the Department of Transport, some sturdy shoes/boots, a jacket, trousers and a big smile! Then you are set to get on the road like a true biker!

Alex provides the essential knowledge needed for each student to become a safe and defensive rider once out on the open road.  This is proved by a very high pass rate.  Alex appreciates that each student has individual needs depending on their experience on a motorcycle, whether that has been on or off the road, and he adjusts his lessons accordingly.

The focus on Alex's lessons is to have each student in the riding seat for approximately 1 hour with some time spent covering the theory of riding.  His lessons are all about having the rider move along fluently, with very minimal stoppage time, which keeps the number of lessons and costs to a minimum.

The following quotes are from past students that have been kind enough to pass on their experiences with Chap's Easy Rider Motorcycle School.

"I couldn't have done it without you!"  Kevin

"Alex is very patient and I got my licence in no time."  Brittany

Alex first got his motorbike licence when he was just a teen and has been riding motorbikes ever since. His test was on the busy streets of London, England.  Since then he has ridden many miles through the UK, Europe and Australia.  He's even experienced riding in India and South Africa!  He has owned all different types of bikes, from Honda's to Suzuki's, from CZ's to BMW's, and his current classic Triumph (also the riding school bike) so he can give plenty of advice on what kind of bike to buy to suit your pocket and your experience.

Gift Vouchers are available for motorcycle lessons.

Chaps Easy Reider Motoryclcle School, Albany, Western Australia. Motorbike lessons, driver training